Are you a victim of an academic misconduct?


Any kind of authorship attribution not based on genuine contribution

Form of academic misconduct when a person uses a third party to assist them to produce work, whether or not payment or favour is involved

In research, “the term ‘fabrication’ means making up data, experiments, or other significant information in proposing, conducting, or reporting research”.

Adapted from: Online Ethics Center,

In the ENAI Glossary for Academic Integrity – link

Unjustified manipulation of research data with the intention of giving a misleading impression.

Springer. Publishing Ethics for journals: A guide for Editors-in-Chief, Associate Editors, and Managing Editors, 2013,

Mistreatment of person(s) in order to benefit from unmerited

Presenting work/ideas taken from other sources without proper acknowledgment.

Adapted from: Meuschke, N., & Gipp, B. (2013). State-of-the-art in detecting academic plagiarism.
International Journal for Educational Integrity, 9(1): 50-57

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