For centuries is plagiarism is our companion

Man – homo sapiens – is an inventive being solving many problems by “creativity” that is not in accord-ance with integrity, ethics and morality. Plagiarism is one example of such “creativity”. Higher education sector is active in plagiarism prevention and plagiarism fight. Software helps the teachers at the decision making in the plagiarism matters.

Different countries have different policies regarding plagiarism. On the EU level there are the anti-plagiarism policies not defined in the higher education sector, although projects aimed at plagiarism fight and raising plagiarism awareness are being supported.                                                      Plagiarism: a timeless phenomenon.

Plagiarism is a timeless phenomenon – it existed in the past, exists today and will exist in the future. “Plagiarism, the act of taking another’s work and passing it off as your own, has almost certainly been with us since the dawn of artwork and written language. For as long as there has been art and artists, there have been people who have put their name to it incorrectly.”

Plagiarism is not the privilege of developed or less developed countries, neither small nor large, it is an epidemic that knows no boundaries. The vision of obtaining the degree is able to wrestle moral and ethical barriers for politically and publicly active people too.

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