Webinar “Integrity in the Classroom”

Webinar “Integrity in the Classroom”
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Webinar “Integrity in the Classroom”

07. 12. 2018

Webinar “Integrity in the Classroom” with presentations on:

  • Academic Integrity Workshop for Secondary School Teachers (by Dlabolová Dita)
    • It’s never too early to start educating our students about academic integrity! Despite the name,
      academic integrity isn’t limited only to academia, we can educate our pupils about these principles
      much earlier. The workshop focuses on such aspects of academic integrity that are useful for
      everyday practice of high school teachers. We will start with the issue of plagiarism – how to
      distinguish what is plagiarism and what is not; what free tools might help us to discover copied text;
      how to prevent it; and how we can help students to manage the complicated world of citations. In
      the second part we will take a practical look at copyright and materials of other authors. How can I
      use sources of others correctly, and thus be a good example for the students? How I can find images
      or music which are free to use. How I can easily share my own materials when I want the others to
      respect my rights? The workshop will be practical and contain demonstrative examples of how to use
      different technologies. The aim is provide ideas for the teachers ideas that are ready-to-use in their
  • How to deal with Contract Cheating (by Králíková Veronika)
    • Contract cheating as a form of students’ dishonesty is currently one of the most serious academic
      integrity issues. According to the latest research, approximately 10% or more of students have
      previously submitted an essay or thesis written by someone else, typically obtained through a
      specialized company, family member or a friend. In this workshop, we will provide results from
      current research and also discuss how the contract cheating industry works, how to prevent students
      from fraudulent behaviour and how to reveal incidents of contract cheating.

The workshop was organised as a part of Advocacy Week “Free from corruption” of Council of Europe ETINED Platform.

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