Paraphrase Practice

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Paraphrase Practice

04. 12. 2019

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Razi Salim


ENAI recommended

This exercise is provided as an example and the given original text can and should easily be
replaced with a text which fits into the context of your subject matter. The exercise is
intended to be used to support students in developing good paraphrasing skills. It addresses
also typical errors which are in the grey area between bad paraphrasing and plagiarism such
as unsuccessful paraphrases, bogus phrases, find &amp; replace or remix errors, and patchwork
plagiarism. The main idea of the exercise is to guide the student step by step from reading a
paragraph to writing a paraphrase in own words. Directing questions assist this process. The
exercise can be used in any context of teaching students to work with secondary literature
and work with it properly. It helps to foster the prevention of plagiarism in a positive way
although the term plagiarism is not even mentioned.

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