Where is the borderline of plagiarism?

Slides for the workshop about the grey area between plagiarism and good citation practices.

Structure of the workshop: 

  • Examples of plagiarism
  • Definitions of plagiarism and academic dishonesty
  • Judgment of cases
  • Reasons for plagiarism
  • Discussion

The workshop is a mixture of information, activities to make participants think about the issues and discussions. It also presents results from European-wide surveys about plagiarism. Participants are encouraged to share their personal experience.
We will talk about the understanding of plagiarism, discuss several scenarios and assess their severity. We will also consider reasons leading students to plagiarism, and discuss prevention, and also the policies and penalties which are a necessary part of prevention. As for prevention, we will share the best practices collected in the European-wide project.
In the end, a brief introduction to the technical aspects of plagiarism detection will be given: What are the plagiarism detection tools able to discover, where are their limits and how to read similarity reports.

Note: the workshop is also available as one part of a webinar “Integrity as a classroom”.

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