Statement of ENAI on the case of the rector designate of Mendel University

The academic community has recently been discussing a case of research misconduct at Mendel University in Brno, a member institution of ENAI. As Mendel University was the lead partner of the Erasmus+ project that established ENAI, we would like to make a statement about this case.
Research misconduct was identified in papers published by Prof. Vojtěch Adam, who was due to become the Rector of Mendel University on 1st February 2022. The misconduct was confirmed by an international committee. There is a good description of the story in an article by Dr. Elizabeth Bik who was one of the first to spot the research integrity issue. Some time after the outcomes of the committee were published, Prof. Adam decided to resign the day before he was due to take office (31st January 2022). 

ENAI appreciates the decision of Prof. Adam to resign from the post of Rector. Based on the values represented by ENAI, one of the most important duties of a rector is to be an exemplary ethical role model, both within and external to the institution; rectors should manifest the values of academic and research integrity, providing an example to everyone in the institution, including students, teachers and researchers. We believe that the outcomes from this high-profile case of misconduct will help Mendel University to improve its policies and processes, and ultimately this will contribute to improvement of the quality of research and education in the institution. 

The European Network for Academic Integrity pledges its support to Mendel University at this difficult time.